Pupil wellbeing

If you need to speak to a member of staff, speak to someone you trust.

1.    If it is during the school day, you can email a member of staff e.g. your head of school or teacher.

2.     If it is outside of school, think about if what you need to talk about is essential, if so, use the contact numbers above.

Eye-to-Eye letter


Eye-to-Eye counselling

Need support? Not quite feeling your self and in need of someone to talk to?

Get in contact with one of the Eye-to-Eye counsellors or one of the many organisations below. There are lots of avenues for help at this very difficult time for everyone across the world.

Just reach out for help and you will get all the assistance and help you need!

Useful websites for counselling:








The youth engagement and participation service are there for you throughout this difficult time. They offer activities and support through their website https://www.wicid.tv/


Get in touch, they would be happy to hear from you!




Remember, its ok not to feel ok. By that we mean that in order to start feeling better, you have to understand what it is that makes you feel low.

If you can, write down what makes you feel low and discuss it with someone from your family or ask if you can speak to someone from school. 

The most important thing to stress here is that you are not alone, we are here and so too are lots of agencies. If you don't want to talk to someone you know, use the links here to help.



Mental health & wellbeing Apps

Please find a range of mental health and wellbeing Apps  from our partners. As a school, we haven't viewed all of the apps but they come from trusted sources. If you would like to seek advice prior to trying some of them, speak to a member of staff.






Childline mood journal

This is a fantastic resource providing you with a mood journal. The journal tracks how you are doing on a day-to-day basis allowing you to write freely.

Click here  to access the site
(You will need to sign-up)




Zumba age 3-11
Yoga age 3-11
Mindfulness age 3-11
Workout together


Whenever you feel ready, these tips might help you start the conversation:

  • Find a method of communication that feels right for you. This might be a face-to-face conversation, or you might find it easier to talk on the phone or write down how you feel in a letter.
  • Find a suitable time and place. There may not be a 'good' time, but it can help if you're somewhere quiet and comfortable, and are unlikely to be disturbed for a while.
  • Practice what you want to say. You could do this in your head or make some notes. Phrases such as "I've not been feeling like myself lately" or "I'm finding it hard to cope at the moment" might provide a starting point.
  • Offer them relevant information and examples. If you've found a useful description in a book or online, or seen someone on television or in a film saying something that feels right to you, you could use this to help explain what you're experiencing.
  • Be honest and open. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable sharing something so personal, but explaining how your feelings are affecting your life may help others to understand.
  • Suggest things they could do to help. This might just be listening and offering emotional support – or there may be practical help you need.
  • Don't expect too much from one conversation. Understanding mental health problems can take time, and some people may be shocked or react badly at first. It's important to give them some time to process what you've told them. But if possible, plan to come back to the conversation with them again, to give you more opportunities to explain what you're going through.

For more infromation, visit mind.org.uk

Family activity

Making your own Wallace and Gromit rocket!


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Wellbeing poster


Helpful information in relation to advice

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Safeguarding – Mr R Evans  - 07526854161

Safeguarding – Mrs Roz Ridley - 07494552475

Safeguarding – Mrs Liz Elford -  07494818358

Safeguarding – Mrs Teresa Woodbridge - 07908728642