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10 Tips

This article offers 10 top tips on how to talk to your child about Covid-19 if they are feeling anxious or concerned.



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Healthy Food



Exercise the body - release those happy endorphins!






When emotions explode

Use this helpful guide from to manage emotions at home. They will help as a conversation starter to deescalate and review a situation.


Coronavirus: Helpful information to answer questions from children

This is a fantastic resource outlining helpful information on how to answer questions from your son/daughter in relation to Covid-19.



This section doesnt require lots of images or video clips. There is a very simple starting point... Listen.

Follow these steps:

1. Listen to your child/family member

2. Do not be judgemental or talk over them

3. Give them lots of space and breaks

4. Allow them to write things down 

5. Offer time to reflect


Mind offers lots of help and assistance. Please do not be put off by mention of terms such as depression or anxiety. These are terms often used with negative connotations, please embrace the advice and guidance.



There are lots of websites below that assist families that may be struggling. This is one of the biggest challenges for families to face in generations. It is ok to ask for a little help if for example your child's behaviour is extreme or if you feel like you are struggling. RCT offers assistance from a non-statutory body called Resilient families. Watch the clip below. You can refer yourself by visiting their website or get in touch with us as a school and we can assist.

Resilient Families


Fantastic resource bank

This document will link you to a lot of resources in relation to responding to the challenges of the Coronavirus.


Click here to download this resource courtesy of

This site will hopefully help you to stay focussed and get through this difficult time. If you are finding it difficult and need to speak to someone, we have staff and other numbers below:

School staff:

Safeguarding – Mr R Evans  - 07526854161

Safeguarding – Mrs Roz Ridley - 07494552475

Safeguarding – Mrs Liz Elford -  07494818358

Safeguarding – Mrs Teresa Woodbridge - 07908728642