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Everyone worries about things that happen in school or at home from time to time. It’s rare that a pupil sails through school without experiencing some sort of issue. Here at Ysgol Nantgwyn, we want to ensure you have the very best support available. There are key members of staff that you can speak to so that you get the support that you need.

Safeguarding assistance

Coping with bereavement


Sexting awareness is taught as part of our Wellbeing curriculum in upper school, we are also going to include this in curriculum delivery in years’ seven and eight in the spring term too.

Sexting can be very upsetting, disturbing and it is also important to recognise that  sharing images is also illegal. 

To support you there are a range of videos and resources available to support discussions with your children and would recommend that you share these at an appropriate time with your son or daughter. 

Online Safety & Sexting - Just Send it

Sharing nudes and semi-nudes

Teaching Your Child about Internet & Online Safety


Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence and Coercive Control Campaign #livefearfree

Safeguarding documentation

Safeguarding information posters

Please use the guidance elements above to provide you with assistance should you need it.