The foundation for good attendance is a strong partnership between the school, parents, carers and pupils.
We will ensure our pupils are made aware of the importance of good attendance and how this will benefit them, both now and in the future; we will offer reward schemes for individual learners, classes and year groups who have high levels of school attendance and/or have shown to significantly improve their attendance rates.
We will use a variety of strategies to intervene at an early stage to encourage improved attendance of individual pupils and assist to overcome any barriers that may be preventing the expected level of attendance.  These strategies may be school-based or may be implemented with other partners to ensure the most appropriate support for the individual and their family.

The home-school agreement will contain details of how we will work with parents and carers and our expectations of what they will need to do to ensure pupils' achieve good attendance.  These expectations and potential consequences of not meeting the expectations will be regularly communicated to parents throughout the academic year in various ways such as text messages, the school website, newsletters and at parents' evenings.

Our whole school target this year is - challenge 95%
Absences can be reports via the ParentMail app or contacting the school and choosing the absence option on the switchboard.