Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Planning and supporting pupils Covid 19- Update

We want to keep all parents and pupils as updated as possible during this extraordinary time. On a daily basis we are listening, taking advice, reviewing and planning. We are hoping for the best and planning for the worst in any situation that may present us in the coming weeks and months ahead.

At the end of this letter you will be provided with a range of useful links to follow, which will give you the most up to date information in relation to the virus. We will continue to speak with pupils and update as appropriate.  Also attached to this letter, is information that we have been asked to forward from the Local authority for your further reference and information.

Pupil and staff absence

The new guidance states that if staff or pupils are unwell and they display the symptoms as outlined on the NHS checker then they should stay at home for seven days. This is likely to result in staff being absent from school and us having to operate in different and creative ways. Currently pupils’ absence in this form will coded as an authorised absence.  Our commitment as always, will be to try and maintain the highest standards possible at all times, ensuring all children are receiving high quality lessons and are making good progress towards their aspirational and personalised targets. This commitment may become more complex depending upon our ability to manage our workforce levels. We will creatively and tirelessly endeavour to maintain positive learning experiences during uncharted times but thank you for your support and continued commitment to Ysgol Nantgwyn. 

Contingency Planning 

Since half term we have been working on a range of contingency plans including increasing capacity where possible and also working on the 'what ifs'. We have plans in place if the school were to close or if we were to face partial closure at some point in the future. We are working on personalised learning packs, online/remote learning opportunities (where this accessible and appropriate) and timetables to support wellbeing. More information on this will shared if we need them. The main principle behind our planning is that pupils and families will have daily contact and ongoing work allocated to all pupils and classes where this is appropriate and possible.  I wanted to give you my personal assurances, as a Mum and Head, that behind the scenes a lot of work is taking place to try and support the impact of any period of absence we may face in the future, in whatever form this may be.

Immediate Future

For the time being we carry on as normal and make the most of every lesson every day, conforming to school rules, working hard and trying to be the very best ourselves. In order to ensure as much continuity with core staff as possible we have postponed staff courses, trips/visits and any requirement for staff cover including sporting fixtures during the school day. We will continue to encourage and support healthy hand hygiene and increased capacity in support staffing to support the regular restocking on soap and towels in toilets and hand wash areas. This is a unique time and children and families may be experiencing  anxiety and concern which is new and upsetting, please let us know and we can offer support and/or provide guidance or where to access additional support or help. Additional information can be found on our website.


Pupils who have examinations during the summer examination season in upper school have already received their timetables. The examination boards as a matter of course build in a two week contingency window every year and this is highlighted in the paperwork that pupils receive. Pupils in Year 11 must remain available up to and including 24 June 2020 .

Ski Trip

We have been working closely with families of pupils who are due to travel to Austria at Easter and met with them earlier this week. In light of the Prime Minister announcement yesterday we have been in personal contact with parents and will update them shortly as soon as we have received further information and guidance in relation to 'banning foreign travel for schools' and how this process will be carried out in relation to cancellation, insurance etc. We will continue to communicate with parents personally over this. 

Thank you for continued support and we will keep you updated.

Very best wishes

Kirsty Retallick