Academic Life

As a 3-16 school, we believe that every child is entitled to a broad and challenging education. We provide a strong academic core curriculum alongside a diverse range of subjects which, as pupils get older, enable them to pursue their interests and talents.
Diversity of the curriculum
We value the arts, technology, humanities, languages, sciences and the social sciences equally. This is demonstrated by the free choice of optional subjects we give pupils at GCSE. This diversity and choice is a strength as pupils can pursue their interests and goals.
High levels of attainment
In our first year, we have achieved the best GCSE results in the Rhondda. This is due to high expectations and experienced, specialist teachers who are passionate about their subjects. Examination success is not our goal, but is the result of teaching each subject well.
From apprenticeships to the top universities, we have a proven track record of helping students achieve their ambitions.
Space to study
Our well-resourced library, dedicated Sixth Form Learning Resource Centre and subject-based study areas mean that there is always a space to work.
Support to succeed
Our specialist teachers and extensive support staff are always on-hand to support pupils. We also endeavour to create an academic ethos in the school, whether it be through our debating team, engineering competitions, creative writing club, academic tutoring or study guidance.