Faculty of English

Introduction to faculty

Within the English and Literacy Faculty courses are delivered on English Language, English Literature, communication skills, media studies and literacy. Through all of
these subjects pupils develop their analytical thinking skills, learn to be independent and how to understand and empathise situations that are different from their own
experience. Working closely with the Voice21 oracy programme, we aim to have all pupils leaving Ysgol Nantgwyn as excellent and confident speakers; a skill which will
stay with them through life.

Nursery Overview

The English and Literacy programme in the Nursery allows pupils to be introduced to all the key areas of language: reading, writing and oracy. Learning through
exploration, play and songs, this is a key developmental time in fostering a love of language for the pupils in Ysgol Nantgwyn.

Lower School Overview

The English and Literacy programme in the Lower School continues the development of language that is begun in Nursery. Our aim is for all pupils to be reading at least at their chronological age. Pupils will follow the Ysgol Nantgwyn Language and Literacy Programme, utilising the best elements and practice of language development. These skills will then be practiced and enhanced through their continuous provision with their class teacher.

Middle School Overview

In Middle School pupils have their English lessons with a member of the English Faculty team. A range of tasks and themes are studied, developing the core skills of
reading, writing and oracy.  Literacy rich tasks are thoroughly embedded within the Caru Dysgu lessons to ensure that pupils understand how to transfer their reading, writing and oracy skills and apply them to different contexts.  In addition, two lessons a week are dedicated to the development of communication skills as we know this will be an integral skill
throughout life.

Upper School Overview

In Upper School all pupils will study both English Language and English Literature (WJEC specification). These courses allow pupils to foster a love of reading and
literature as well as practising key language skills that will be vital for life beyond Ysgol Nantgwyn. In Year 9, pupils can experience a taster of
GCSE media studies, which can be taken as an option in Years 10 and 11.

Meet the Senior Staff :

Victoria Evans

Head of Faculty

Tatum Tonge

Deputy Head of Faculty

Rachel James-Algeo

Deputy Head of Faculty

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