Faculty of Mathematics

Introduction to faculty

The study of Mathematics is essential to all aspects of life. As well as informing the numeracy skills required for day to day living it also strengthens important problem solving skills that can be applied to all situations. Good Mathematics skills will support a pupil’s learning across the curriculum and no matter what a pupil’s ability an aspiration in Mathematics will lead to good progress throughout.

We aim to promote Mathematics as not just a functional tool for working life but as a subject that can be enjoyed and in which success can lead to immense satisfaction.

It is taught as a series of topics based around the strands of Number, Algebra, Shape and Data Handling as well as through a thematic approach.

Nursery and lower school Overview

They develop their understanding of measures, investigate the properties of shape and develop early ideas of position and movement through practical experiences. They sort, match, sequence and compare objects and events, explore and create simple patterns and relationships, and present their work in a variety of ways

Middle School Overview

Skills are taught by mathematics specialists and these skills are then re-enforced through a thematic approach with their class teacher.

Upper School Overview

Pupils study for two distinct GCSE qualifications, Mathematics & Numeracy over two years in Years 10 & 11.

Meet the Senior Staff :

Sarah Legg

Head of Faculty

Rachel Gibbins

Deputy Head of Faculty

Rebecca Barnes

Deputy Head of Faculty

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