The Upper School Curriculum runs from years 9-11 and will provide appropriate and relevant learning pathways that will meet the needs and career aspirations of all pupils.

A fundamental aspect of the curriculum in this phase of the school is the prestigious Welsh Baccalaureate qualification and students will also have the opportunity to experience and study a wide range of subjects, including: English, Maths, science, Religious Education, Welsh and the Welsh Baccalaureate along with a wide range of complementary subjects in areas of humanities, social science, enterprise, creative arts, sport, wellbeing, technology and languages.

We teach all of our pupils to approach every day expecting to be surprised and excited at the new things they will learn. Good grades depend upon establishing the best work habits early on. We will build upon the development of pupils having a strong work ethic. All pupils are expected to complete classwork, homework and revision to the best of their ability and are encouraged to engage with and enjoy their learning and wider school experiences.

Young people are guided by experts through the complexities and challenges of academic life, post 16 transition, future university and employment routes. We will also ensure that pupils have an insight into the professional workplace across a wider range of sectors and employment.

Message from Head of Upper School

Good morning,

We are rapidly approaching the summer examinations and the next 5 weeks are absolutely key for all pupil progress from years 10 and 11. I have attached documents which you will find helpful throughout the examination process:

1. Exam timetable - this gives an overview of all of the exams taking place within the school. You will see the start time of each exam, it is key that all pupils are in school at least 30 minutes prior to the exam starting. All pupils have had a bespoke timetable with their exams since the beginning of March. If your son/daughter would like another copy, this can be collected from reception.

2. Revision timetable template - this will allow your son/daughter to plan when they are going to revise at home. This task has been completed in school already.

3. Revision information guide - this will give you information about how to revise.

Also, as well as pupils having access to online faculty resources, the upper school website has a wide range of revision links as well as the school revision timetable.

The key to being successful in the exam period is for all pupils to spend quality time on revision. Our advice is to spend time revising for each exam well in advance of the evening and for pupils to utilize things like mind-maps and cue cards (as seen in the revision information guide) to help. I would recommend 4-5 hours over a weekend day, 2-3 on an evening without an exam and for evenings where there is an exam, focused revision on key topics. The important thing to stress is that revision needs to be quality over quantity.

Throughout the examination period, attendance to school for both am and pm sessions is compulsory as is the case for a normal working school day. Pupils attending all lessons up to their exams has been proven to keep pupils working at an optimum rate. In the case of year 11, once a qualification is complete, pupils will then spend time working on their remaining exams/coursework in lessons. Once your son/daughter has completed all exams, you will be notified by a member of staff from upper school; until this has taken place, to stress attendance to school in uniform is compulsory.


Mr Evans
Head of Upper School

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