13th September 2018

 Notice to Parents- Interim Arrangements

We are very aware of issues on site, particularly at the end of the day. Pupil safety is our primary concern; during these first few weeks of the new school year and as we observe the entry and exit to site, we would ask you to ensure you follow the points laid out below, which we will continue to review.

Please can you ensure that you always:

·         Drive carefully and with correct regard for the users of the site.

·         Drive at a maximum of 5 miles per hour.

·         Always drive safety, with a full awareness of pedestrians and other vehicles around you.

·         Park to ensure you can DRIVE OUT of your space and NOT REVERSE into the road where pupils and parents may be crossing. If you must reverse, please refrain from doing so until the site has emptied.

·         Do not arrive on site until 3pm to ensure we can exit older pupils safely. The gates will opened at this time.

·         No pupils from the Gwyn building will be released until parents arrive. Please do not be worried if are running a little late because of these new arrangements.

·         If you are walking to school or are able to walk as an alternative to using your car, the gate from Llewellyn Street on the new footpath will be open at 2.50pm.

·         Clubs for Gwyn begin next week, which should alleviate congestion.

We are working with RCT continually to make sure we have the safest arrangements possible.

A further detailed letter will be shared this evening and tomorrow and we appreciate your full support in this matter.

Best wishes
Kirsty Retallick
To view our Traffic Management Plan, please click here