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Uniform is compulsory so we endeavour to provide one which is attractive to pupils.  However, we do reserve the right to decide what is suitable in respect of personal appearance - such as make up and jewellery, which is not acceptable apart from watches and stud earrings.

Pupils who arrive in school without the correct uniform equipment  will be given the correct uniform to ensure they engage with the day productively and positively. Initially, we will contact parents to assist in delivering the correct uniform to ensure the pupil is ready to start the day correctly. Where there are circumstances where families need assistance, we will be there to support as we have since the start of the pandemic and since our return to a level of normality. We would always ask families to reach out to us as a school by talking to staff and arranging to meet a member of the relevant school team. We will have a stock of uniform which can be exchanged during morning registration for the day which will remove barriers to pupils not being in the correct uniform. 

During the summer break, we are offering a uniform "swap shop" to assist in preparing families for September.