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Online payments

Ysgol Nantgwyn is now a cashless school using the Local Authority Online Payment System for parents and carers can make secure payments for dinner money and school activities with no transaction fees.  Example activities for online payments could be a school trip, a revision guide, music lessons or any reason you may have to pay money to the school.
Paying online offers the following benefits:
  • The option to register an account where you can store your child’s reference number for school dinners to save time entering each time you pay
  • If you to choose to register an account you also have the option to securely save your debit or credit card details
  • As a registered user you can view your receipts online using payment history
  • ‘Shopping basket’ functionality allowing the option to add multiple items with one payment at ‘Checkout’
  • Payment pages will re-size to display on a mobile phone or tablet
  • It’s convenient , no need to look for change to give to your child
  • Reduces the risk associated with carrying cash to school such as loss, theft or bullying
In order to make a payment, please follow the below instructions :
Visit the Local Authority Website here 
  • Click on ‘school dinners’  
  • ‘Pay for school dinners’ (blue box)          
  • ‘All payment types’ (green box towards top of screen).
  • In ‘all shops’ use the drop down to choose Ysgol Nantgwyn and choose the relevant payment option.