The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme is open to anyone aged between 13 (starting in the academic year of year 9) and 25 and participation at any level is voluntary. The award scheme is incredibly popular and increasingly recognised by employers, colleges and universities. In Wales, there were 20,000 awards completed last year which is a fantastic achievement. 

At Ysgol Nantgwyn we offer all three levels of the Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each pupil chooses a programme that suits their individual needs and interests. Many activities pupils already undertake can be counted towards their award which means they do not need to make additional time to complete some of the award (see examples here). All levels of the award require participants to complete four sections: Skills, Physical, Volunteering which are all independent to the pupil and also the Expedition. The expedition will require pupils to purchase some kit, and are varying lengths depending on the award.

Each section requires an assessor, who must provide a report at the end for each section.  A brief overview of the levels is below.

Bronze Award

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award is offered to Year 9 pupils or older. The programme normally takes 6-12 months to complete with the skill, physical and volunteering sections taking 3 or 6 months.  This award level is the most popular.

The expedition section is made up of 3 elements;

  • a training day held at school
  • a 2- day practice expedition
  • a 2-day assessed expedition

Silver Award

The Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award is offered to pupils in Year 10 or older. Pupils that have completed their Bronze award (non- direct entrants) can complete the skills, volunteering and physical sections of their Silver programme in 6 months. Pupils that have not undertaken the Bronze award are known as direct entrants and will take at least 12 months to complete the award with sections taking between 3- 12 months.

The expedition section is made up of 4 elements;

  • 2 training days held at school
  • a 3- day practice expedition
  • a 3-day assessed expedition

Gold Award

The Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award is offered to any pupil who has completed their Bronze and Silver awards and can complete the programme in 12-24 months. Direct entrant pupils (those who have not previously completed the Silver Award) typically take 18-36 months to complete the award. Gold participants have an additional section to complete; a residential- this should last at least 5 days and 4 nights.

The expedition section is made up of 4 elements;

  • a training day held at school
  • a 4- day practice expedition, held over one week of the Easter holiday (TBC)
  • a 5- day assessed expedition during a week in July (TBC)
  • a presentation that the participants create on how they achieved their expedition aim

For any additional information please see the DofE website on the following link: Duke of Edinburgh

We have several highly skilled and dedicated members of staff that support students at every level through weekly meetings, running in N51 on a Wednesday afterschool until 4.00pm.  Any further questions please contact Mr. Cross, the Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator on