Teaching and learning vision


Teaching, learning and experiences
Teaching, learning and experiences reflect the core values of Ysgol Nantgwyn and to support teachers in translating policy into practice in ways that are impactful on our pupils. Learning is a personal journey of discovery for each child and will be brought to life through creative, imaginative and exciting teaching techniques.
How do our pupils learn?
Learning experiences come in many forms and our innovative curriculum sets aspirational milestones for each stage of a child’s educational journey. Learning through exploration, investigation and experimentation will allow children to thrive and develop as aspirational, confident and articulate young people.
What do our teachers do?
In order to secure the very best outcomes for our pupils, teaching, learning and experiences need to be of the highest quality. Our teaching is about making effective decisions to progress all pupils, all of the time. It is defined by the stage of the individual pupil, their targets and the most appropriate next steps towards them achieving it. We ensure that professional learning is a cornerstone of Ysgol Nantgwyn life so that our staff are supported and continually developing and refining their teaching so that our pupils get the best learning experiences possible.
The academic year 2020-21 follows the three step plan in order to minimise gaps in learning through time spent away from school:
  • Evaluate the pupils’ current knowledge and understanding.
  • Extend the pupils’ learning by closing the gaps in their knowledge.
  • Evolve the pupils’ learning by introducing new content once gaps are closed.
 How do we organise our online or blended learning?
 At any point of school closure the teaching staff and pupils at Ysgol Nantgwyn are ready to move to an online model. We support all of our children and families in ensuring that no child is digitally excluded and put bespoke provision in place for those pupils who find learning at home challenging.
When learning from home, pupils continue to follow their normal school timetable from Nursery to year 11, with live teaching being available for all lessons. In addition, all learning materials are made accessible for asynchronous learning should a child be unable to attend. In these somewhat uncertain times, it is our ethos and responsibility to ensure that no child loses any learning time that they would ordinarily be entitled to. Besides our live lessons, we also offer live small group session for phonics, reading and additional learning needs support.
Similarly, if a child is absent from school, for any reason, we ensure all learning materials are available online, even when school is fully open, so that no child is ever disadvantaged.