Our middle school runs from year 4 through to year 8. As the 3-16 curriculum is a continuum, this means the learning in the middle school builds on the skills and knowledge developed in lower school and leads into the curriculum for the upper school.

The time we spend in this phase of education shapes who we are. These are the years that form the mind, the heart and the personality. They carry the child into adulthood. They set a direction and light the pathway for the future.

Ysgol Nantgwyn pupils will benefit from learning with their Caru Dysgu (Love of Learning) teacher with increasing amounts of time spent in specialist lessons as they move through the year groups to year 8. Through exploring a range of major questions with their Caru Dysgu teacher, pupils will progress according to their individual need, gain greater independence in learning over time. The specialist lessons will give our pupils the opportunity to concentrate on progressing particular skills or knowledge and enhance their experiences.

These may take a single subject area approach.

Contact the Middle School Team :

If you  wish to contact the school, please initially speak with your class teacher or make contact with the relevant Raising Standards Leader via the school switchboard or their email address:

Devon Davies - devon.davies@ysgolnantgwyn.co.uk (predominantly Years 4-6)

Teresa Woodbridge - teresa.woodbridge@ysgolnantgwyn.co.uk (Years 7-8)