Our lower school curriculum, which runs from nursery to year 3 encourages a progressive development of skills.

Following the Foundatation Stage curriculum the children are given opportunities for increased focused learning, alongside collaborative work, structured play, outdoor learning and investigative and practical activities.

Our Year 1, 2 and 3 curriculum is rooted firmly in the Welsh curriculum, but is enhanced to go above and beyond, to best meet the needs of our children and beginning to provide specialist teaching in music, sport and drama along with an introduction to modern foreign languages.

The resulting programme provides a rich, rigorous and motivating curriculum for each individual child.

In the lower school our underlying focus will be teaching the basic skills in Mathematics, Reading and Writing to our pupils.

A structured programme will be used to teach the skills of reading and spelling.

Literacy is at the heart of our teaching and we believe strongly in supporting children to become confident and competent readers and expose them to a wide range of literature.

High quality texts will be used to spark children’s imagination and they will be taught in short focused, daily sessions.

We aim for all of our pupils to be skilled in basic Mathematics and operations by the time they leave lower school.

We will ensure that pupils gain a complete understanding of the concepts by providing lots of practical work and hands-on resources.

We couple this with more traditional methods such as learning number bonds and early time tables by heart.



Contact the Lower School Team :

If you  wish to contact the school, please initially speak with your class teacher or make contact with the relevant Raising Standards Leader via the school switchboard or their email address:

Elizabeth Elford - elizabeth.elford@ysgolnantgwyn.co.uk