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Our curriculum is iteratively designed; this means that we re-design the curriculum each year based on the needs of the pupils, their targets and their aspirations. 


In lower school (nursery through to year 3), pupils follow a 'Caru Dysgu' curriculum which encompasses learning statements from the following curriculum areas:

  • Mathematics and numeracy
  • English, literacy and communication
  • Humanities
  • Well-being
  • Science and technology
  • Languages
  • Expressive arts

These are taught using a blended approach by the pupils' Caru Dysgu teacher.

In middle school (year 4 through to year 8), pupils follow a mixed curriculum model which encompasses the following:

  • Caru Dysgu  (English, literacy and communication, humanities, well-being and expressive arts)
  • Mathematics and numeracy
  • Science and technology  
  • Languages

Mathematics and numeracy, science and technology and languages are taught by faculty teachers.

In year 9, pupils start to explore more discrete subject disciplines and their curriculum encompasses the following:

  • Mathematics and numeracy
  • Enterprise and financial education
  • English literature
  • English language
  • Humanities (including, but not limited to, geography, history, health and social care)
  • Well-being
  • Biology, chemistry and physics
  • Information technology
  • Design technology
  • Welsh
  • Spanish
  • Expressive arts (including, but not limited to, art, drama and music)

Pupils take their options in year 9 in order to start their qualification courses at the start of year 10. The options process includes several stages and starts in the autumn term with:

- Careers talks in all curriculum areas

- Exploring Careers Wales resources including questionnaires about what careers may suit particular individual preferences

- Pupil consultation about their aspirations for future careers and possible links for qualifications

- Pupil and parents information 

- A 'straw' poll where a large number of qualifications are put out for pupils to indicate their preferences

- Formation of the option blocks

- Parents' evening for year 9 pupils with careers and option information

- Individual interviews with form tutors and pupils to submit options

- Confirmation of options

All year 10 and year 11 pupils will study the following curriculum areas/qualifications:

- Mathematics

- Mathematics - numeracy

- English language

- English literature

- Skills challenge certificate

- Enterprise

- Financial education

- Well-being

- Biology, chemistry and physics

Pupils will also study three options. Please note that options change year to year, depending on the choices of the pupils.