Pupil support

Ysgol Nantgwyn has a strong policy of inclusion that ensures that all pupils have their individual needs met and are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The school focuses on providing educational experiences and opportunities that recognise pupils’ individuality and celebrates their achievements.

Ysgol Nantgwyn is dedicated to inclusive practices and offers a continuum of provision to meet individual pupils’ needs. Pupils with Additional Learning Needs are taught in mainstream classes and in mixed ability classes where they may receive additional support from our faculty progress coaches; or if they are statemented an ALN progress coach, depending on need. The class teacher will be fully aware of any additional learning needs within the class and will differentiate accordingly. Pupils will access support in class or through withdrawal sessions, depending on their difficulty and/or the intervention needed.

The ALNCo (Mrs Helen Higgs) and her Assistant ALNCo (Ms Leah Jervis) lead a team of specially trained ALN Progress Coaches who also deliver an extensive range of wellbeing and academic intervention programmes to meet individual needs. These programmes include literacy interventions such as Language Links and Literacy Launchpad. In addition we ensure that we meet the needs of pupils with various emotional and social difficulties with our ELSA trained staff.

Ysgol Nantgwyn has an extensive learning support area, ‘The Hub’ which is equipped with ICT facilities and an office. This area is well resourced and provides a friendly and welcoming base for pupils who require access to additional support. The school supports pupils with a range of additional needs and are flexible in our approach. The site has full disabled access for pupils with physical difficulties.

Our comprehensive Inclusion Policy ensures that we identify, support and review pupils with additional learning needs in line with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice, soon to be replaced with the new ALN Bill and follow a ‘graduated response’ in line with the Code of Practice, and work closely with outside agencies to ensure that our ALN provision and support is effective and that all pupils with ALN make progress and achieve their potential.  The school has excellent partnerships with a range of external providers that support our pupils dependent on need.