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Healthy Lunchbox & Snacks

We are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes healthy eating and enables pupils to make informed choices about the food they eat.  If your child brings a packed lunch to school, we ask that they are as healthy as possible and you advise your child that children are not allowed to swap food items.

Healthy Snacks

We understand that snack can be an important part of the diet of children and can contribute positively towards a balanced diet.  We strongly advise and encourage healthy choices for snacks at break time - Fruit, Salad, Vegetables help to give a slow release energy boost to keep children re-fuelled until lunch time.  Please do not send chocolate, sweets or crisps.

If your child is under the age of 7, they are eligible for free milk through the subsidised school milk scheme.  If your child has special dietary requirements, please to your child's Head of School so we can order an appropriate alternative.

All children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school throughout the year as water fountains are available.

  • Parents and Carers are responsible for ensuring all food in a packed lunch is both fit for consumption and meets the standards laid out below.
  • The school has a duty of care to ensure that all packed lunches provide a healthy balanced meal to allow children to fully participate in afternoon learning.
  • All packaging and containers must be easily opened by the children and should be returned home daily.
  • Packed lunches should be brought to school with the child in the morning, except in very exceptional circumstances it is not possible to take packed lunches through to children.

Food and drink in packed lunches

  • The school will provide facilities for pupils bringing in packed lunches and ensure that free, fresh drinking water is readily available.

  • The school will work with staff and pupils to provide attractive and appropriate dining room arrangements.
  • The school will work with Parents & Carers to ensure that packed lunches meet the standards listed below.
  • As fridge space is not available in school, pupils are advised to bring packed lunches in insulated bags with freezer blocks where possible to stop food deteriorating.
  • Pack lunches can comprise the following:-
  • At least one portion of fruit and vegetables every day
    • Meat, fish or other source of non-dairy protein
    • Oily fish, such as salmon, at least once every three weeks
    • A starchy food such as bread, pasta, rice, couscous, noodles, potatoes or other cereals
    • Dairy food such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, fromage frais or custard.
    • Only still water, fruit juice, semi-skimmed milk, yoghurt or milk drinks and smoothies.  These should be in plastic bottles or cartons.
  • Hot food is discouraged on the basis that maintaining safe temperatures of certain food items can be difficult. Therefore there could potentially be a health risk to the child. Any food such as soup should be provided in a safe suitable flask which is age appropriate for the child. 
  • Packed lunches should NOT include:
  • nuts, including peanut butter. We are a 'nut-free' site due to allergies.
  • chocolate bars
  •  Fizzy drinks