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Beyond the curriculum

At Ysgol Nantgwyn, we pride ourselves on providing the right educational opportunities for all our pupils. In some instances,  some of our pupils need to access learning in a different way, or in a different setting. Working with parents at every stage of the process, we have a range of alternative provision that can support, enthuse and re-engage pupils that may be finding school difficult in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons. 

Our step 3 provision is overseen by the behaviour team and includes bespoke, therapeutic interventions such as ELSA or nurture provision in addition to a coaching and mentoring programme. Our step 3 pupils also complete a daily report in order to monitor progress against bespoke targets and allow for positive praise and encouragement where there is success. Pupils are mentored and supported to improve and re-engage in their academic progress and to take responsibility for their own learning. 

Step 4 provision is in place for pupils who require further intervention following step 3 support. We work with a range of different external partners to provide off site opportunities for education and accredited qualifications. Pupils accessing step 4 provision, will continue to have their core provision in school, or via Ysgol Nantgwyn staff, however they will also have a curriculum offer that allows them to work off site to gain vocational training, hands on work experience and qualifications that are relevant to their chosen pathways. Step 4 pupils will also receive careers support and guidance from the LA Green Light Project.