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Inspection reports

We were inspected for the first time as a school in the spring term of 2023. You can read our very positive Estyn report here: 



As a school, we are featured in a range of Estyn good practice guides and documents and are often asked to share our good practice at local and regional events.

In February 2020 as part of a thematic survey 'Partnerships with employers in secondary and special schools', Estyn commented on Nantgwyn in relation to 'Strong vision and commitment from senior leaders'

"The school communicates well with parents by text messages, Twitter and the school website. It has strong links with local employers who advertise work placements on the school website. The school’s careers adviser makes sure that parents and learners are aware of the opportunities and actively brokers work experience.

Learners from all age groups take part in a worthwhile range of projects and experiences. There is an effective link to Business Class with the Principality Building Society, which provides a variety of sessions to 14 Partnerships with employers in secondary and special schools learners, including financial literacy and reading sessions. The school also has good links with a wide variety of other local and national firms.

The school’s science department promotes both apprenticeships and academic pathways. It is particularly active in encouraging girls into engineering and takes part in international competitions and challenges, winning the global Lego league tournament for programming robotics. The girls who were involved have now moved into tertiary education and come back to school to coach a Year 9 group for the next competition.

The school has two enterprise projects for learners who need extra support. One group makes and sells products made out of recycled wooden pallets. The other group, in an original project, has written and published a user guide on how to stay safe online by playing a popular online game. The activity was led by learners and introduced them to a wide range of skills, including graphic design and entrepreneurial thinking. By selling their publication, they are able to buy online accessories for the game and take part in international online competitions.

As an all-age school, staff begin work-related education for primary-aged learners and also target learners ready for their next steps at the end of key stage 4. As a result, more learners know where they are going to continue their academic or vocational studies at the end key stage 4."