How we worked with our pupils and families in Covid

It seems that we have moved on so far from our 'Covid times' but, in reality, it is a very short time ago. At Nantgwyn, we celebrate how the whole #teamnantgwyn came together in this time and felt that a page on the website might serve a helpful point of recognition for the efforts of pupils, parents, staff and governors.

Thank you so much everyone for your support.

During Covid, we worked together to:

  • Go to live lessons three days after the initial lockdown in March 2020
  • Ran the full timetable for all pupils from age 3 through to age 16 through synchronous learning sessions
  • Some mums and dads joined in the synchronous learning sessions too!
  • Made phonecalls if anyone wasn't in the synchronous learning session to try and support everyone progressing in their learning
  • Ran online small group sessions, in the same way that we would have in school, to provide a little bit of additional support for pupils
  • Ran emotional support sessions for pupils
  • Ran a 'superhub' for childrens of keyworkers to attend who would have ordinarily attended over 20 other local schools, working with the fabulous staff from all of those schools
  • Sent children different things - colours, paper, sunflower seeds
  • Our art teacher made every year 10 and year 11 GCSE pupils an individual pack of materials and resources that was specific to their pieces and interests
  • Did regular check ins with all families and had chats with mums, dads, aunties, uncles, nans and grandads (and a whole host of other family members)
  • Worked with our amazing local community to put together food and supplies for families who needed it
  • Make sure that it was safe on site when we did return - measuring desk distances, working out different timetables, teachers moving to your classrooms instead of pupils moving around, changed break and lunchtimes, communicated a lot
  • We ran the 'Nantgwyn strip' to make sure that drop off and collection was safe and that people didn't need to congregate to collect children.